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Photos from my recent vacation

Amsterdam: The Golden Hour

Amsterdam: Waiting for a Ferry

Amsterdam: Two Swimmers


Villa Frisia, Steenwijk

A quick snap with a smartphone before hopping on a train

Giethoorn: Boats to Rent

Giethoorn: A Village of Canals and Footpaths

Giethoorn: An Endless Vista

The Hague: A Peek inside Binnenhof

The Hague: Hofvijver

A view over Hofvijver on Binnenhof and skyscrapers. A surprisingly pleasant composition of old and new architectural styles.

The Hague: Shopping

Need your gardening supplies? And, while you are at that, pick up a designer suit? You can buy them in the same spot.

The Hague: The Endless Sand

Rotterdam: Walk in a Park

Delfshaven, Rotterdam

A picturesque historical harbour spared during the WWII air raids

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