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This hands-on workshop is primary for the aspiring photographers interested in learning how to fully utilize their camera’s potential and apply this knowledge in practice through easy to use photographic techniques. While we will be focusing on nature photography, everything in the workshop program is applicable to other photographic fields. This workshop is suitable for photographers with all types of cameras, including simple compacts, mirrorless systems and SLRs.

MORNING MODULE:  Taking Control of Our Cameras

We will discuss basic and advanced camera modes and practice easy to use photographic techniques. We will cover composition, proper exposure, taking sharp or intentionally unsharp photographs, etc.

MID-DAY:  Field Trip (optional)

Weather permitting, we will head outdoors and practice utilizing the camera modes & techniques that we have studied in the morning. This field trip is optional; it is not part of the workshop. Staying with the group is not required – please feel free to photograph on your own or skip this part if you have other commitments.

AFTERNOON MODULE:   Post-processing & Digital Workflow; Review of Photographs

We will start with discussing techniques for uploading and safekeeping the images; we will also talk about editing the images with commonly available programs. Then we will start reviewing photographs.

Each participant is welcome to submit up to six images for a group review. These could be photographs taken during our field trip or any other photographs that you would like to show. The suggested (but certainly not required) mix of subjects is two landscape, two animal portrait and two close-up/macro photographs. If you do not have suitable photographs of nature and wildlife, share your images from the concrete jungles, including cityscapes and people portraits – only your imagination is the limit!



COST:  $95 plus taxes

REGISTRATION:  Please email

Note: The above workshop program is subject to change.


This hands-on workshop has been designed for photographers already familiar with the basic techniques. We will focus on fully utilizing our equipment in a variety of situations typical in nature photography.We will cover advanced camera modes especially suitable for nature photography. We will also discuss and practice light management, including use of available light, flashes, reflectors and lens filters, proper use of tripods, including long lens techniques . Nature photography is usually done outdoors, and we will talk about successfully photographing in incremental weather while protecting our equipment. We will also focus on composition. Finally, we will cover in details the digital photography workflow, from capturing and storing images in the field to processing, adjusting and archiving them at your home studio, and to printing images at home or through commercial labs. Cost:  $95 plus taxes.


This time, instead of concentrating on technical matters, we will primarily focus on subjects in nature: birds, insects, plants etc. We will discuss and practice photographic approaches that are quite often specific to each subject. We will also talk about and practice various representation styles for these subjects, from documentary to artistic. We will spend some time outdoors identifying and photographing appealing subjects and then discuss our findings and photographs. Cost:  $95 plus taxes.

If you are interested in these workshops, please email.

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