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Kayaking Queen Charlotte Strait Solo


This was finally a well-deserved and anticipated day of rest. I was awaken several times during the night by roaring seals, but overall had a good sleep. When I woke up, I had located their resting area, established on Main Island, in front of my camp and across the channel, on the rocks.

After a leisurely breakfast, I had a wash with heated sea water, did my laundry and caught up on writing my trip notes. A flock of chickadees visited me, settling on a tree next to my kitchen area.

When the tide had dropped, I spent an hour or so on the tidal photography.

I was in a deserted spot -- no boat traffic except an occasional boat passing through the passage between Central Island where I was camping and Main Island, just a short distance away. Otherwise, it had been a quiet area: nothing compared to the first campsite that I had visited a day before. My tent was in a secluded spot, partially hidden under the overhang branches.

After taking a few pictures of the surrounding area, including the picturesque islets in the channel, I was ready for dinner.

I had cooked mashed potatoes with fried luncheon meat for dinner. When seasoning the dish, the perforated cup had fallen off from the seasoning bottle (salt with herbs) and too much of seasoning had fallen into the pot. Instead of scooping it out and throwing away with some mashed potatoes, I had decided to mix everything up, thinking that a bit of extra seasoning would not make much difference. The potatoes had ended up being very salty. I had paid for my mistake for the next 18 hours with drinking lots of precious potable fresh water and frequent urinations, as my body was rushing to get rid of the extra salt. Lesson learned.

Went to bed at around 11:00pm. The plan for the next day was to wake up at 6:00am and paddle to John Island in Benjamin Group.

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