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Kayaking Queen Charlotte Strait Solo



Day 1:  To Port Hardy

Day 2:  To Mier Point Cove

Day 3:  In Mier Point Cove

Day 4:  To Songhees Creek

Day 5:  To God's Pocket -- Harlequin Bay

Day 6:  In Harlequin Bay

Day 7:  To Deserters-Walker Group

Day 8:  Deserters-Walker Group

Day 9:  To Robinson Island

Day 10:  To Cohoe Bay

Day 11:  To Aylmer Point

Day 12:  To Popplewell Point

Day 13:  To Cartwright Bay

Day 14:  To Watson Island

Day 15:  To Mackenzie Sound

Day 16:  To Cypress Harbour

Day 17:  To Burdwood Islands

Day 18:  Central Burdwood Island

Day 19:  To John Island

Day 20:  To Angular Island

Day 21:  To White Cliff Islets

Day 22:  To Flower Island

Day 23:  On Flower Island

Day 24:  To Beware Passage

Day 25:  In Beware Passage

Day 26:  To Blackney Passage

Day 27:  To Kaikash Creek

Day 28:  To Blinkhorn Peninsula

Day 29:  At Blinkhorn Peninsula

Day 30:  To Alder Bay

Day 31:  To Port McNeil Camp

Day 32:  To Victoria

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