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Kayaking North Vancouver Island Straits Solo


This was a day to stay on shore and explore and photograph the island. I started the day with checking the water in the pond – it was brackish and of brown color. I then went upstream along the creek that was running through dense bushes, parallel to the shore line, and found an established access point. I checked the water again – it was still brackish – the ocean must have penetrated through the sandy grounds and mixed with the fresh water in the creek. Further up, I could see that the creek was gradually turning away from the shore and disappearing in what looked like impenetrable bushes. If my situation was desperate, I could have cleared my way to the creek further upstream, with an ax. However, this would have been a significant effort and a noticeable destruction of the vegetation. As I was planning to move on next day and had enough fresh water for at least five more days, I had decided to try cooking in the brackish water, while saving the fresh water for drinking. I washed myself and then some of my clothes with the water from the creek. When I hanged them to dry by the sun and the breeze, my camp had started looking as if someone was living there for a long time.

I then cooked the brunch: smoked the fish and made instant mashed potatoes, topping them with a cup of coffee. Deciding to dedicate the rest of this day to exploring the shore, I took my camera and went north-east to Malcolm Point that was a few kilometers away. After reaching Malcolm Point, covered with driftwood, I surveyed my next destination – Bere Point, visible across the bay.

Meanwhile, the wind was building up and it was getting cold despite the shining sun. I had to turn back to my camp. By the time I reached the camp, the surf was picking up raising concerns that I might have difficulties leaving next day if it would not calm down.

Rice cooked in the brackish water and cold smoked fish made my dinner. The rice looked brownish and tasted just a bit saltier than I would have liked but was palatable overall. Then it was the time to turn in for the night.

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