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Pedestrian Crossing, Winter Style

Iced Coffee Anyone?

Ice Diamond

Winter Snow - Where Did It Go?

Beacon Hill Park - the last resting place for Victoria snow

Palm in Snow

Comfy Chair


Bad Day for Fishing

Not in Service

Downtown Victoria in a rare snowstorm

Snowdrops in February

Canoe Brewpub: Patio, Winter

BC Legislature

Victoria Chinatown

Butchart Gardens Snow

Winter Flower
in Butchart Gardens

Snow still claims parts of Butchart Gardens but flowers are blossoming in sunny spots

February: Cascade Falls with Ice and Snow

Cascade Falls with Ice and Snow, Mount Work Park, Victoria BC.
Snow is gone in downtown Victoria, but there is still plenty left in nearby parks. An icy hike: wished for crampons more than once!

Snowstorm in Downtown Victoria

Revisited a week after: it is melting all over!

A View from My WIndow

And the snow still keeps falling...

Garry Oaks in Snow

End of the Road

On a walk in a local park after heavy rains

Frozen Forest

Waiting in Snowfall

Frost Lizard

It is usually Easter bunnies that are left in Victoria parks to fend for themselves.
Some perish, some survive and breed, establishing colonies.
Did not expect a lizard to be left behind, apparently enjoying the frost. 
Shall we expect a colony of lizards in Victoria?

Winter Tree

Winter Tree

Unexpected Late February Snow

It may be late February but don't put away your winter boots yet...

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