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January 2019: Total Lunar Eclipse

It is somewhat unusual to have clear skies in Victoria BC in normally rainy January. This winter we have had quite a few dry days. One of them coincided with the total lunar eclipse on the night of January 20. The next one is in two years, in May 2021!

May 2018: Swiftsure Yacht Race

March 2018: Counting Herons in Beacon Hill Park

Herons are back. At least seventeen here. Waiting for foliage to cover their nesting trees?

November 2017: Salmon Run in Sooke

The Fall season is gracing Victoria area with fallen leaves

After a dry summer, the welcome autumn rains are feeding local streams, rising water levels, making them passable for salmon that are heading to the spawning grounds

The fish, dead and alive, feeds local wildlife

Bears come to add final layers of fat before denning for winter

Catching live salmon takes time and energy: why bother when there are plenty of dead fish in the streams?

American dippers dive to retrieve salmon roe, their preferred salmon meal

Mild climate, plenty of moisture and nutrients from dead salmon all contribute to the lush forests

August 21, 2017: While Waiting for Solar Eclipse: Orcas

A pod of  orcas passing in front of Clover Point at the beginning of the solar eclipse

July 18, 2017: Fluidity of Time - Salvador Dali's Dance of Time I on Display in Downtown Vancouver

January 3, 2017: Cold Days in Victoria BC

December 20, 2016: Stormy Seas and King Tides: Drenched People on Dallas Road, Victoria BC

A combination of high water levels during the king tides and stormy seas creates waves so monstrous
that they breach over the sea wall drenching people on sidewalks

October 22, 2016: Head & Tail of The Gorge Regatta

To the Finish Line!

Go, Mounties, Go!

June 5, 2016: Oak Bay Tea Party

Bathtub Race: Engine Troubles

Skydiver Landing

Air Show

Teapot Race: Assisted Finish

June 3, 2016: Mammoths and More at Royal BC Museum

Royal BC Museum: at the opening of Mammoths! Giants of the Ice Age

And not just mammoths!

December 12, 2015:  Stormy Seas and Sun (A View from Dallas Road)

December 12, 2015:  At Tuba Christmas Concert

June 7, 2015:  Bathtub Race at Oak Bay Tea Party

November 22, 2014:  Search for the Sea Creatures of the Night

That’s in-Seine: Collections by Moonlight
Pulling the net during the search for sea creatures at Willows Beach with Royal BC Museum and Victoria Natural History Society

The Find

November 15, 2014: November Frost on Grass

A spell of cold Arctic air has brought an unusual mid-November freeze to Victoria depositing frost crystalls on grass.

December 16, 2013: Upper Harbour Sunset

Sun is setting over the Upper Harbour in Victoria BC

December 7, 2013: Snowy Road with Bear Footprints

A rare snow has covered Victoria with white dust.
A bear has walked this deserted road  in a nearby forest just hours before me.
In most of BC, bears are already in hibernation. Warmer temperatures
typical for South Vancouver Island, combined with this year's plentiful salmon run,
have encouraged this fellow to stay up a bit longer.

November 2, 2013: Entrance into the Fall

Fallen leaves form a path leading to an entrance into the Market Square in Victoria BC.

November 1, 2013: Forgotten Veterans

Lost poppy flower pin is lying forgotten among dead autumn leaves. Observed and photographed in 2008.

October 20, 2013: Downtown Fog

Victoria downtown enveloped in heavy fog on Friday night. Ferries delayed, some flights canceled,
traffic slowed down. Still, a beautiful scene.

September 20, 2013: Rabbit and Flower

A feral rabbit grazing in my neighbourhood has collected a mouthful of grass.
One flower is still standing: too bitter? too beautiful?

September 17, 2013: My New Eight-Legged Roommate

I have just met my new neighbour or more likely roommate:
this fellow, at least five centimetre - long, has moved in today and,
after a brief introducion (this image), settled down behind my curtain.

December 1, 2012:
Truck Light Parade in Victoria, BC

Canada Post truck with a letter to Santa Claus

December 1, 2012: Lighted Ships Parade in Victoria, BC

Sailboat with Christmas decorations parading in the Inner Harbour

Brown Pelicans in Victoria BC? Confirmed (November 26, 2012):

After a few years of absence, stray Brown Pelicans (Pelecanus occidentalis) are again
sharing local waters with gulls off Dallas Road in Victoria, BC

Jubilee Salute on May 21, 2012

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee gun salute at the Government House in Victoria BC on May 21, 2012

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